Do I have to engage a realtor, if I want to sell my property?

No matter what field of business – it’s always good to talk to an expert. If you’re ill, you go and see a doctor. If you have some legal problem, you consult a lawyer. If you wish to save some taxes you’d better ask a tax consultant and for an oil change you stop at your garage. But thinking about something as expensive and valuable as property – Do you really want to save money and leave everything to chance and not count on the know-how of an experienced realtor when you might be about to make one of the most capital-intensive deals in your life?

As you can see there are many reasons for entrusting a realtor with the sale of property.

Should you however be well grounded in the current situation of the real estate market, know how to fix a realistic price, have an objective estimate of your own property and know the extensive legal proceedings until the contract can be worked out with a solicitor and if furthermore you also have the time needed to create a promotional exposé with all the relevant information, to actively promote your property in the media and to answer the many requests from interested parties and select them, to organize and coordinate on-site inspections and to negotiate with potential buyers, make agreements, find solutions

then, of course, you’re free to try and sell your property on your own.

Before you decide ask yourself the following questions: How do I deal with critical parties? Can I bring forward positive arguments if potential buyers have objections. How do I react if somebody does not show up for an on-site inspection. Am I really neutral regarding my property?

How do I know that Francisco Apweiler Immobilien is the realtor I’m looking for?

My activities will be focused on your needs and I will try and take over everything connected with the brokering of your property within the scope of my all-round service.

Since my profit results one hundred per cent from commissions I will always dedicate my full commitment to the sale of your property at the highest possible price.

When is the best time to assign Francisco Apweiler Immobilien?

Very simple: The earlier the better! As soon as you know that you intent to sell your property you should inform Francisco Apweiler Immobilien. Just call me or give me an e-mail with your request and contact details. I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Do I still have an influence on decisions once I have assigned Francisco Apweiler Immobilien?

As the owner of the property you always have “the last word”! When I have found a potential buyer for your apartment or house I will just advice you and inform you personally.

Do I have to be present during on-site inspections?

Of course not – this is all part of my service. You can, however, be present should you wish to be.

Francisco Apweiler Immobilien will organise all on-site inspections and inform you about the results! The only thing you have to do is give me a key to the property.

What if the building is still inhabited by a tenant?

Francisco Apweiler Immobilien also coordinates inspections with the tenant. As the lessor you needn’t be bothered with anything. I will inform your tenant about my task to find a new owner and then coordinate inspection appointments with him directly.

What are the usual proceedings of an on-site inspection?

Francisco Apweiler Immobilien refuses to organize “mass inspections” – it is against my business philosophy.

If I have found a potential buyer I will make an inspection appointment with him / her and coordinate it with both parties. If there are more parties interested than one, the appointments will be scheduled one after the other so that I can attend to each party individually.

Francisco Apweiler Immobilien inspects and brokers professionally. Your property will stay clean – even in rainy weather. Nobody likes the dirt of other people – even if unintended due to bad weather – in his or her apartment or house! I don’t and others certainly don’t either! And yet nobody has to take of their shoes off because there’s another solution.

Do my chances of a quick sale rise when I assign more than one realtor?        

If a property is offered by different realtors and maybe even for different prices and terms potential buyers often get the impression that the object is difficult to place and that there might be something wrong with it.

Furthermore if none of the realtors has an exclusive agreement none of them will feel especially committed either and invest much time and money, as it will be rather a coincidence who makes the deal. The personal commitment declines.

In addition the potential buyer faces the risks of having to pay commission more than once if it’s not clearly recognizable which realtor is actually responsible for the conclusion of the contract. This often leads to unnecessary and most of all expensive legal action and alienates potential buyers in advance.

From the realtors view only an exclusive agreement means the duty of full commitment. For me this means: 100 per cent commitment leads to 100 per cent success – with an exclusive agreement.

I’d like to try it myself first and then turn to a realtor if I don’t succeed.

If you try to sell your property on your own for some time and then turn to a realtor if you couldn’t succeed potential buyers might already have gained the impression that the object is a sort of “slow seller”. This often makes it more difficult to find a serious customer who is willing to pay an adequate price – even for a well-established professional.

What can I do if some documents about my property are missing?

This is no problem. With your authorisation I will get all the necessary documents such as standard ground values, certificates of title, extracts from the building file, partition deeds, plans, annual statements, business plans, minutes of meetings, etc.

Can customers of other realtors buy my property if I have made an exclusive agreement with Francisco Apweiler?

Certainly! I’ll gladly cooperate with other realtors. If a realtor has a potential buyer for your property this person is surely entitled to buy your flat or house.

What if I don’t want to have a “for sale” sign hanging on my building? Is that possible?

My service also comprises the discreet brokerage of properties. Basically, you always have a say in the choice of marketing activities. If you have certain reasons for not choosing particular measures, I will certainly accept this. You only have to be aware that this particular measure might call the potential buyer’s attention to your property.

What do I have to pay if no suitable buyer was found in the duration of the contract?

Should I against expectations not find a buyer for your property this is just my risk. I do not charge any expense allowance or anything alike. In this case you do not have to pay anything. This is the reason why I will do my utmost to successfully sell your property during the duration of the contract.